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               This is your chance to be part of something great within our community! Recovery is possible and very much real. Your contribution would help us show others that it's possible to recover from drug/alcohol addiction!!! Helping addicts find a new way to live and get a restart to life no matter where they are in the recovery process! But we can't do it alone. Any amount is much appreciated! We are so close to getting this off the ground. 

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Current Fundraising Efforts

Mission Restart is doing a fundraiser to become ARCO members so we can finalize being a Recovery Community Organization per Minnesota State Statute.

Participating will get you entered to win a $500, $300, and $200 prize!!!!

Pick a box number for $25 each, the more squares you pick the better your chance at winning!

We can except through Venmo, PayPal with the note money board and a number of squares or cash by contacting us via email at or by calling 218 999-4066 and ask for Cynthia.


The updated board is posted daily on our Facebook page at

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Together; We CAN Make a Difference!

Volunteer opportunities




  • Must be a person with lived experience.

  • Experience is a plus but not necessary!

  • Willing and able to meet quarterly!

  • Drive to make a difference.

  • Passion for Recovery.




  • Administrative Volunteers provide administrative support to Mission Restart staff on an as-needed basis.




  • Special Events Volunteers provide support at Mission Restart special events.



  • The Outreach Volunteers educate members of the recovery community about the value and role of Mission Restart. If in personal recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, six months of recovery experience is required and completion of 6-hour Outreach Volunteer Training.


    If you are interested or have questions about any of Mission Restart’s Volunteer Opportunities, please contact Cynthia Baade at or call us at  (218) 999-4066                                                                                                    

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